The aim of this artistic collective is the creation of a series of self-standing rituals of approximately 20 minutes each and an entire show of approximately 70 minutes, a detailed monitoring of and reflection on the investigation process in a log, and its documentation in videos. We plan to develop this project during 2019 and 2020, Focusing on the different aspects of this combination of languages, exploring them through creative meetings (residencies), and sharing the different phases of this investigation process in open presentations in the spaces of the institutions that host us.

Another of our objectives is to share and exchange experiences with traditional musicians and dancers, which will add a certain flavour to this proposal’s search for a transdisciplinary language… As we would like to start with what is “closest to home”, we will explore the Jaranas Yucatecas and the son Jarocho, the traditional music and dance of southern Mexico, born out of the cultural blend of the Spanish colony in Mexico and the Catalan Sardana, since this land is the nerve centre of our collective and where three of our five members live.

The premiere of Picaderø is foreseen for the fall/winter of 2020. Since the members of this collective are of different nationalities and artistic backgrounds, the idea is to be open to this diversity, we want to experience it, adapt ourselves, learn and share. It is for this reason that, in addition to Catalonia, which is a home base for the development of this creation, we are also looking for economic support, creative residencies, and presentations in Mexico, Germany, and France, in different spaces, institutions, and platforms that support transdisciplinary creation or that are open to hybrid languages in the stage arts.