Residency @ L’ Estruch

Finally, after having postponed it due to COVID 19 restrictions, we were able to do the residency in the circus tent “La Vela” in L’ Estruch Fàbrica de creación in Sabadell, which was mainly focused on lighting, as for the first time we had access to a space with the necessary equipment to play and test “in situ” some of the ideas raised in meetings of the collective. The residency at the Vela allowed us to develop the design of some of the scenes with conventional lighting, we explored the ambiences or atmospheres of some of the scenes and their transitions and we experimented with lighting that did not reveal some technical aspects of movements and materials in the scene in order to achieve moments of magic or what is currently known as “the new magic”. During the residency in the circus tent in L’Estruch we had the presence of Feliciano García Zechín as guest musician since Jan Benz, the musician and designer of the Picaderø could not travel from Germany to Spain for reasons related to COVID 19.

Feliciano’s intervention during the residency accentuated the ritual atmosphere of the creation and brought us closer to some of the initial ideas related to origin, essence, simplicity.
One of these initial ideas of the collective is to have guest musicians with whom we can generate a cultural exchange, especially when the piece is presented in different places, countries or cultures to give us feedback and allow an open space for improvisation within a carefully traced outline.
With regard to dramaturgy, we tried two different orders in the scenes already explored, which confirmed that some of the decisions made in this respect were the right ones and opened up the search for some elements of the puzzle.
We believe that circus has its own dramaturgy, which is different from theatre or dance; the action speaks for itself and often it is not necessary to add meaning to what is an experience in itself, both for the audience and the performer.
We start from ideas, intuitions, inspirations that open a path, a line of exploration, and along the way these lines fork and find new horizons, which makes the creative process a space in transformation.
We believe in the need for planning and the achievement of the challenges taken, also in serendipity and the spontaneity of the unexpected.