Jul 9, 2019

Estruch Sabadell

Creation residency 25.06-11.07 2019

The first residency, with parts of the entire team, and the sound installation structure still under construction and conversion, took place in Sabadell (lèstruch) in July 2019. In addition to the preparation for an excerpt to be presented as part of the “Deltebre Dansa” festival, for the Sound Designers and Musicians this was a first opportunity to try out various forms of experimental microphony and a possibility to try out first attempts at live modulation of the incoming signals. 

From a technical point of view, this residency offered the first opportunity to explore the sound spectrum on the prototype of the structure using different microphones. For this purpose, contact microphones were attached to different points on the scaffolding and on the surfaces, and the noises of the moving structure in the room were picked up by various types of microphones in the room. These first attempts were made with wired transmission of the microphone signals and therefore still had a restrictive effect on freedom of movement in some cases, but provided information about the useful number, positioning and type of future wireless systems and thus contributed significantly to the development of the technical concept. The type of sound processing could also be roughly outlined here for the first time, in particular the possibilities of shaping the acoustic raw material and dealing with the amount of incoming signals.