The Show

A transdisciplinary experience – interactive sound installations, interactive visual arts, contemporary circus and dance merge into a spiritual and ritual journey.

Picaderø is an encounter with the origin, a fusion of traditional and contemporary languages as well as a reflective diary of their constant adaptation and development over time. It depicts the constant struggle between the wild essence and the domesticated animal, the search for balance in instability. It is the acceptance of boundaries in order to find freedom.

Picaderø features a mobile stage, inspired by the shape and movement of a spinning top, which is transformed into a musical instrument while the sound artist and performers interact. To learn more about the show and how it was made check out our blog.


The performance spaces may include multipurpose performance halls, alternative spaces, abandoned factories, industrial warehouses, museum spaces, or theatres where the audience can be either in a semicircle, or frontal view.

Contemporary circus show, duration: 70 minutes.

Technical requirements

See our technical rider and for anything else feel free to contact us!


Idea and Conception Ingrid Esperanza / Dramaturgy and direction Pau Portabella / Sound design and composition Jan Benz / Sound installation and composition Steffen Lohrey / Set design Betty Cau / Lighting design Isolator Space / Choreographic complicity Teresa Valenzuela / Performance and composition Emiliano Pino / Movement and rigging on the scene Pere Vilaplana / Costume design Mahoko Maeshima, Marcel Bofill / Rigging advice Sergio López / Graphic design Magdalena Lanas / Web design Tomáš Václavek / Production Rita Stivala