Within the series of “Rituals”, the collective feeds on the specific information of the respective places of representation, their architecture, their history, their special energy and their inhabitants or visitors.

The stage does not have to be a static place, but involves a journey. The process is usually divided into two parts: introduction and epilogue, with an intermediate passage in which the artists lead the audience from one venue to the next. All spaces require an intimate atmosphere in which the audience can enjoy the soundscape and the poetics of the images.

  • First Site: The first part can be framed by a variety of spaces, indoors or outdoors, optimally in places where the audience can sit or stand in a semicircle or a place that offers the possibility to arrange themselves relatively freely and choose their own perspective. (Duration: 15 minutes approx.)
  • Transfer: The duration of the transfer to the next venue depends heavily on the local conditions, e.g. from the distance between the two locations. The transfer offers the Artists an opportunity to interact very closely with the audience, to build trust and to walk a physical but also metaphorical path together, to play with the path and to define it together.

(Duration: optimally between 10-15 min approx.)

  • Second Site: The second venue requires a smooth floor and a minimum diameter of 8 m. Preferably with a roof. The audience is optimally placed in a semicircle.

(Duration: 40 minutes approx.)