Oct 21, 2019


The second and third residence, with larger parts of the growing team and at the same time the first residence together with Joan Lavandeira (light designer; also former Team member of the IMAGA project), took place in Barcelona in October and November 2019 (Fàbrica de creació Fabra i Coats). Various smaller stations and objects were included for the first time. Other decentralized objects were integrated with the same demands and requirements that should also apply to the sound installation (interactivity, the provision of data signals for modulation for light and sound, the possibility of being able to react freely to impulses and interaction and to influence each other) and worked intensively with one another. As part of a presentation for the “Seismes” event, new horizons were sounded out and explored. While some of the sound designers in Hamburg worked intensively on the implementation of ideas, another part was on site and explored the possibilities of physically interacting with the performers on the stage/Sound Installation. For the first time musicians and performers came into contact as people on the mobile stage / Sound Installation while the modulation was controlled by automation and Intuitive AI. This created a new – more intimate – dimension which should be expanded further in the future.

Technically, the first experiments with the prototypes of the wireless modules were carried out at this point. In particular, it was necessary to test the bandwidth of the transmission as well as to check the compatibility between the different platforms and to develop solutions for related problems.