Jun 10, 2020

COVID Residency

In October 2020 a technical research residency took place in “Bolivianow” in Barcelona. Stage, Sound and Light Designers came together to revise, expand and update the technology used within the Structure/Soundinstallation. Various construction sites were touched and worked on within this residency. The results of this process paved a freer and more open way to interpret data and to integrate new technology.

This offered the opportunity to carry out initial experiments with the hybrid solution developed in the meantime, which enables the simultaneous real-time transmission of audio signals via special radio links as well as the transmission of data resulting from the direct analysis of the resonances and vibrations of the structure in the computer modules via the wireless network. For this purpose, the analysis software was developed at this point and the provision of the data via the network was tested, which can be used by sound and light artists for modulation and manipulation. The data that emerged from the analysis of the frequency and intensity of the contact microphones were made available in the OSC protocol in order to enable the most uncomplicated and varied use possible. The flexibility of this protocol also enables the future transmission of additional sensor data in the same format.