Aug 19, 2020


Residence of Creation / July 19 to August 2020

Just as special and intimate as the space that KONVENT made available with its inmates and opportunities for the project, was also the time spent together there. The team, finally defined and united for the first time, was able to get closer to holism and the willingness to experiment and explore new limits: weaknesses and strengths of the selected platforms and techniques, of exchange and connections as well as the limitations in space and emotional connection, closeness and distance could be experienced and tried out for the first time. Unimagined possibilities, opportunities and barriers opened up for the first time and could be understood, seen, interpreted and worked on. The residency in “KONVENT” represents an essential and important step in the development of “PICADERO” and thus marks a technical and emotional milestone in the goal-oriented background work of the project. Not only the Sound Installation – the spinning top – but also a variation of all the other involved, acting and added elements were given the opportunity to interact with each other for the first time and gave space to provide a glimpse of future horizons. A comprehensive inventory of the intensive work, done by the consultants in the field of sound and light development, was possible and could be conveyed holistically for the first time.

Photographer: @Maidalanas